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Neueste vesion vom december 2005
Ein gallerie-script mit integriertem upload und thumbnail-Erzeugung.
  • Bilder per webbrowser ins netz stellen
  • Basisbildbearbeitung (drehen, schneiden, komprimieren und speichern)
  • serverseitig thumbnails erzeugen
  • Übersichtsseiten und Einzelseiten erzeugen sind mit diesem package möglich. Vorraussetzungen : perl 5 PHP 4 DOWNLOAD
    ***pic-gallery*** latest update: 13/05 A gallery-script including upload, thumbnail-generation and basic image manipulation
  • Upload images via browser
  • Basic Image-Manipulation-s : rotate, crop, resesize and more with the amazing ImageManager. Further and up-to-date documentation can be found at http://www.zhuo.org/htmlarea/docs/index.html
  • create thumbnails on the server
  • create fully linked Overviews and picture sites requirement : perl 5 PHP 4 DOWNLOAD usage: *extract 'service' *check path to perl *go service/index.pl *run 'service/configuration.pl' first to make directories and auto-config *run 'service/text.pl' to enter text & header *run 'service/exif_config.php' to update the database after delete or upload *run 'service/thumbs_machen.php' to make thumbnails (25 thumbs/ click) klick [seitex] if you need more *run 'service/bilder_loeschen.pl' to choose pictures for deleting *run 'service/reset.pl' to delete all thumbs, config-files and whatnut. Note:the uploaded pictures are NOT deleted. *run 'service/bildbearbeitung/bilder_auswahl.php?art=bilder' to compress, crop, rotate & whatnut single pictures Note: some temporary files have to be deleted manually after this work is done.